Photos | This is the New Submarine Park of Patagonia

Puerto Madryn is consolidated as the best destination for underwater activities in the country. Day and night diving, course and direct contact with nature.

the new submarine park of Patagonia1

A new underwater park is added to the diving proposals offered by Puerto Madryn, the coastal city of the province of Chubut. It is a 78-meter long fishing vessel that last week sank to enhance the practice of underwater activities in the Golfo Nuevo, close to the city that was declared by the National Congress as ” National Capital of Diving and Underwater Activities“.

the new submarine park of Patagonia2

This title responds to two reasons as reported to PROFILE Carolina Larracoechea, owner of the operator Scuba Duba and secretary of the Association of Diving Operators of Puerto Madryn : “On the one hand, it is a gulf of transparent waters, without underwater currents, with little waves and depths ranging from 4 to 35 meters. In addition, the sea temperatures oscillate between 10 and 21 degrees, which allows the development of a great diversity of species “.

the new submarine park of Patagonia3

“On the other hand,” adds Larracoechea, “Madryn was first known as a diving destination, even before as a whale watching destination. The promoter of this activity was Jules Rossi, a diver who worked with Jacques Cousteau, fell in love with these coasts and decided to move to Argentina, installing among young locals the curiosity to know on the seabed “.

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The diving activities offered in Puerto Madryn were designed for all audiences since they can be done by people with no previous experience (it is not necessary or know how to swim) to expert divers.

the new submarine park of Patagonia5

For beginners, there is underwater baptism, snorkelling with wolves and diving programs, which consist of a theory class, a practical class and a shallow dive. For sports divers, there are day and night excursions, in natural and artificial cold-water reefs, historical and modern shipwrecks, of deep and shallow waters.

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Another service is diving courses, aimed at people who are new to the activity or who are already diverse and want to continue their education, ascending levels and improving their performance, with international certifiers that allow diving anywhere in the world.

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The city also offers courses from the first sports level ( Open Water Diver ) to diving instructor, including specialties such as deep diving, night, orientation, search and retrieval of objects, photo and sub video, technical diving, embarked, coast, with sea lions, and more.

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One of the star services in Madryn is diving or snorkelling with sea lions in the marine reserve of Punta Loma, about 17 kilometres from the centre of Madryn. It is an almost unique attraction in the world since the frequency of interaction with the wolves is very high for not having natural predators in the area, such as the orca or the white shark; and for being a permanent colony, that is, having wolves in the settlement throughout the year.

the new submarine park of Patagonia9


Source: Turismo Perfil