PHOTOS: Man Captures Horrifying Monsters At The Bottom Of The Sea

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A Russian man dedicated to fishing, managed to record images that will really scare you.

The images captured by a Russian fisherman at the bottom of the sea are generating great controversy between Instagram users and the rest of the social networks. Roman Fedortsov captured monstrous creatures on the ocean floor that look like they were taken from a horror movie.

The man decided to upload the photos to his personal Instagram account to make known the mysterious findings, as soon as he uploaded them to the social network, the users expressed that they seemed a nightmare.

All are little-known species in the world, some with huge jaws and very sharp teeth, large, bulging eyes, and strange shapes that make them look like sea monsters.

PHOTOS: Man captures horrifying monsters at the bottom of the sea

Among the species released, is a mysterious orange-colored fish that seems to be pulling out a huge and voluptuous tongue, in addition to having a kind of spines on its spine and even big eyes.

PHOTOS: Man captures horrifying monsters at the bottom of the sea

Roman has said that his only intention in showing these images is that they know the species that the marine world hides and that contrary to what many users have pointed out, they are real and it is not about any photographic manipulation.


Source: Chispa