PHOTO: Creature of 35 Tons and 18 Meters on a Beach

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According to local media for more than 20 years that they did not see an animal of this type in this place.

Belgium – A huge creature that weighs 35 tons and measures around 18 meters was located in the silver of the Belgian town of De Haan, an unusual phenomenon on the Flemish coast said Thursday morning sources from the Royal Institute of the Natural Sciences (IRSNB).

After a few hours it was announced that it was a whale, a male ruler 18 meters long and weighing 35 tons, it was already dead when it ran aground. Scientific teams had followed it after being detected at sea on the day of the Wednesday.

Creature of 35 Tons and 18 Meters on a Beach

According to local media, a fin whale, a protected species and the second largest mammal in the world after the blue whale, had not appeared on the Belgian coast for 21 years.


Source: Chispa