Phantom Threat: The Russian Nuclear Submarine Carrier Would Check the US Hegemony

The hegemony of the US in the world’s oceans is guaranteed by its aircraft carriers. But the ambitious and revolutionary project of the new Russian submarine aircraft carrier could be a serious challenge, says Alexei Overchuk in an article for the Vzglyad newspaper.

Today, the network is rife with rumors that Russia is creating a nuclear submersible aircraft carrier. The messages are accompanied by the image of a large submarine with an airfield at its top, where modern fighters are preparing for takeoff. The image provoked numerous comments from users who laughed at the project.

However, it is only an artist’s fantasy, emphasizes Overchuk. It is clear that this type of aerodrome simply will not allow the submarine to submerge under water or float on the surface, he explains.

According to Overchuk, the aerodrome must be aerodynamic and contour the hull of the ship. Instead of fighters, unmanned aircraft capable of taking off and landing vertically are more likely to be used. The author notes that the Russian Ministry of Defense is already developing a drone of this type called Fazan.

After taking off from the platform, the aircraft gains altitude, speed and then enters the usual horizontal flight mode. Fazan can carry on board not only reconnaissance equipment, but also attack systems. Its estimated speed is 350-400 km / h and the flight range reaches 2,000 kilometers.

In this way, the Russian military will not have to spend money on expensive training for naval aviation pilots. On the other hand, the price of a Fazan is much lower than that of a modern fighter. In addition, the loss of an unmanned aircraft is not perceived as a tragedy.

But the main advantage of the nuclear submarine carrier is its poor visibility and the sudden appearance of unmanned combat aircraft over the enemy, says Overchuk. “Any aircraft carrier with a group of ships is like a funeral orchestra that can be heard from very far away, and in the meantime, tracking the nuclear submarine cruise is almost impossible,” he says.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News