Person Dies After Dropping to Sea After Celebration in Chile

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Dramatic early morning was lived this Sunday in Puerto Montt that ended with the life of a young worker

Dramatic was the dawn that was lived this Sunday in Puerto Montt, in the sector of Costera Juan Soler Manfredini Avenue, where after a celebration, a young man lost his life.

After falling to the sea, in circumstances still unknown and in research, Gabriel Andrés Martínez Oyarzún, 25, died after falling into the sea, despite resuscitation maneuvers by firefighters and paramedics of the Samu.

According to the background , the accident would have happened around 4:50 hrs, after finishing an event that was held in the Yacht Club.

Ariel Díaz, one of the witnesses who was in the place, says that the young man was hugging the pillars of the club and that his friend tried to rescue him: “he lowered and tied some curtains and went down to the sea, but the knots of The curtains, because they were badly made, the man started to drown and the floats were thrown from the restaurant, he could not enter a float, so he took one and only said it with one arm, “he said.

He also added that the person who jumped to the rescue remained in the water for more than half an hour, “and they had to rescue him, because he despaired.” The other young man drowned and did not see himself again, until the rescuers arrived and gave him a light. lantern and they saw him underwater, he had been submerged for several minutes. ”

Person Dies After Dropping to Sea After Celebration in Chile

Luis Almonacid, first lieutenant of the Fourth Fire Company of the Rescue Unit, confirmed that two people were rescued from the sea ; one of them conscious and with hypothermin principle.

“One person was consciously rescued and the other was taken from the sea, who underwent resuscitation maneuvers and the Samu paramedics confirmed the death,” said Fire Lieutenant Luis Almonacid.


Source: 24Horas