PDVSA Motorboat Hit an Oil Well in Lake Maracaibo

When working with natural elements such as oil, caution should be exercised in the particular areas in which the black gold is found, however, a boat with eight people on board, PDVSA workers, were injured after a diving boat collided against a square well in the area of ​​Tía Juana, in the lake of Maracaibo.

According to the information offered by the various users on social networks, the wounded were identified as Franklin Sulbaran; Freddy Prieto; Leudo Moran; Jairo Luzardo; Carlos Plata; Jhosua González; Wilmer Urdaneta; and Gerardo Díaz, who belong to the diving crew, and manned the boat Patria 95 when the events took place.

It should be noted that after the incident, the MARA-45 boat was sent in support and it towed the Patria 95 to the Tia Juana pier. They also transferred the wounded to a clinical center.

motorboat hit an oil well in Lake Maracaibo

The injured people were taken care of and are out of danger. So far, the corresponding authorities have not issued statements about what happened in the entity.


Source: Venezuela al Dia