PCD Found 300 Kilos of Cocaine On An Italian Ship from Colombia

Drug valued at $ 2.4 million was hidden in ventilation channels of a container of the ship that arrived in Moín

A total of 300 kilos of cocaine was discovered aboard a vessel from Colombia that recently arrived in Moín, Limón.

The action was in charge of officers of the Drug Control Police (PCD) of the Ministry of Public Security, who discovered the drug in the ventilation channels of one of the containers on the second floor of the bow.

The narcotics travelled on the vessel MN Cala Palma, Italian flag, which left Port Turbo, in the Colombian Caribbean.

The cocaine was packaged in 300 packages covered with green plastic and transparent, in addition to having two types of logo, says a press release from the Ministry of Security.

It is a millionaire blow against a network, but no people are detained.

In our country, each kilo of cocaine is valued at $ 8,000, so the confiscation is around $ 2.4 million.

Another ship from Colombia had been discovered in August of last year with 50 kilos of cocaine.

The drug was left to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for registration and subsequent shipment to the Forensic Complex warehouses, pending their destruction.

In another blow discover 60 kilos of cocaine.

In a road control carried out by the officers of the Naranjo Public Force in Alajuela, two individuals were arrested while travelling in a vehicle in which 60 kilos of cocaine were transferred.

The driver, surnamed Garita, 37, has been passed on two occasions for reckless driving and resistance to authority.

The escort, 37 years old, surnamed Guerrero and without precedents, was also left in the Office of the Prosecutor.

The officers of the Public Force of Alajuela together with the agents of the Canine Unit reviewed the car and that is how they found the drug load that was located under the seats of the driver and the passenger, the Ministry of Security reported.

PCD Found 300 Kilos of Cocaine On An Italian Ship from Colombia

The Public Force confiscated 60 brown packages with the logo of an apple containing one kilo of cocaine each, a drug distributed in two independent coves, one from Garita and the other from Guerrero.

Likewise, the officers of the Public Force confiscated ¢ 196,000, as well as $ 4,380, and a vehicle.


Source: La Nacion