Pacific Fleet Launches in the East Sea Fired Cruise Missiles “Mosquito”

The strike group of the R-18 and R-14 missile boats in the final part of the gathering of the maritime forces of the Pacific Fleet of the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet) of various forces carried out a doctrine to destroy the grouping of the conventional enemy ships, during which it struck two winged missiles “Mosquito” for a surface target.

Cruise missiles successfully hit a sea target – a large shipboard at a distance of 120 km. The result of the shooting is confirmed by the data of objective control, including visually involving the unmanned aerial vehicles Orlan, – said on Monday the official representative of the Pacific Fleet, Nikolai Voskresensky.

He noted that from June 7 to June 18, about 50 warships, boats, submarines and auxiliary vessels operating in the waters of the East Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk within the framework of the gathering campaign conducted several test tactical exercises of groupings of ships, during which up to 70 fighting exercises.

Thus, the mineswalts worked out the wiring for the trawls as they emerged from the main base, as well as combating the minefields exposed by the conventional adversary.

The teaching of ship search-and-strike groups for the search and destruction of the submarine of the conventional enemy was conducted, and small missile ships and missile boats of the Pacific Fleet during the exercise fulfilled the conduct of oncoming naval combat.

On the landing ground at Cape Clerk, the landing of a sea assault on the unequipped coast took place. Large amphibious ships (BDK) Admiral Nevelskoy, Nikolai Vilkov and Peresvet landed a landing on the coast, free from the forces of the “enemy”. The landing was supported by aircraft of the Air Force and Air Defense Army of the Eastern Military District, as well as helicopters of naval aviation of the Pacific Fleet. The BDK also fired artillery fire at suppressing invisible coastal targets, using ship multiple-launch rocket systems.

Pacific Fleet Launches in the Sea of Japan Fired Cruise Missiles "Mosquito"

Participation in the gathering-campaign, along with connections from Primorye, was accepted by two tactical groups of the troops of the Troops and the Forces in the North-East of Russia.



Source: Maritime News of Russia