One Seaman Dead and More Than 700 Containers Burned in Oman Port Accident

A hundred Valencian companies have lost more than 700 containers from China that were transporting a ship with a Singapore flag that has been set afire 900 nautical miles from the port of Oalhat, in Oman, and in the which one crew member has died and four more are missing.

The insurance company Tractio Risk Solutions has reported that it is managing the losses of the containers of the Spanish companies that are on board the “Maersk Honam” after the fire that suffered on the 8th, according to a statement from the company, which has capital Valencian.

The ship, which covered the route between China and several European ports, including Valencia and Barcelona, ​​transports a total of more than 7,800 containers and suffered a fire due to unknown causes and which, due to its great magnitude, is not yet completely extinguished.

After the incident, twenty-three of the twenty-seven crew members of the ship were rescued, one of whom has died, while four others are still missing.

Maersk, as owner of the ship, has declared the condition “general average”, which according to Tractio assumes that both the shipping company and the shippers will have to pay “large economic amounts” to meet the costs of rescue and contribution to the aforementioned damage.

On the other hand, the owners of the merchandise, among which there are more than a hundred Valencian companies from different sectors, will not be able to have access to them shortly, since first the fire should be extinguished, the towed vessel reach port. , proceed to the investigation of the facts and inspect all the containers to assess the damages.

This declaration of “general average” obliges all merchandise owners to set up financial guarantees, through their insurance of merchandise, the statement added.

Those who do not have it should also face the payments, as explained by Rafael Real, director of Tractio Risk Solutions, a firm specialized in management, processing and advice on maritime and transport claims.


Source: La Vanguardia