One of the Crew Members of the Ship of the MMP “Pomorye”, Arrested in the United States, was Repatriated to his Homeland

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According to ITAR-TASS, the first crew member of the ship “Pomorje” of the Murmansk Shipping Company (MMP), arrested in the United States, has been repatriated to its homeland after several months of waiting. This was reported by the representative of the Russian Sailors’ Union, the coordinator of the International Transport Workers Federation Sergey Fishev.

One member of the crew has already been repatriated, his replacement has arrived in the US, the remaining seamen are waiting for the arrival of the shift crew,” said Fishev.

Members of the crew, prepared to replace the seamen “Pomorie”, have already received US visas and are waiting for the registration of migration documents for sending to the United States. The ship is on the roadstead of the port of New Orleans from the end of April, however, it was not possible to obtain visas for the shift crew for a long time because of the difficult political situation.

The vessel remained in the US in connection with the loss and repair of two anchors and anchor chains. Another complication for the shipowner was the requirement of the US to ensure the escort of the departing from the side of the Pomor Sea sailors, and for each of the 17 sailors, there is one escort, which entails large financial expenses. Now, according to Fishov, the number of guards by agreement of the parties was reduced by half.

As previously reported, the crews of the four Shymkent ships applied for help to the International Federation of Transport Workers. In early September, the State Labor Inspectorate in the Murmansk region fined the MMP by 403 thousand rubles for late payment of wages, vacation pay, late payment upon dismissal and other violations.

The press service of the IMF reported that the organization is experiencing financial difficulties caused by Western sanctions, the general situation in the world economy and the consequences of the protracted crisis in the maritime market. To modernize the fleet and save jobs, the company is negotiating with banks to open a credit line, as well as with large customers for long-term contracts.

One of the Crew Members of the Ship of the MMP "Pomorye", Arrested in the United States, was Repatriated to his Homeland

Now seven foreign ships remain in foreign ports, most of them are under arrest because of shipowner’s debts. At the same time, there are problems with changing the crew only at Pomorie and Kuzma Minin, which is located in Holland.



Source: Maritime News of Russia