One Killed by an Explosion on a Ship in the Turkish City of Sinop

The explosion, caused by a gas leak in the boiler room of a Liberian flag of convenience, forced the crew to evacuate, despite the fact that rescue work was hampered by the storm.

At least one person was killed and another more injured after an explosion occurred on Wednesday in the boiler room of a freighter anchored off the coast of the Sinop province on the Turkish Black Sea coast, local media reported.

The explosion would have occurred, according to the first signs, because of a gas leak in the boiler room of the ship, which was anchored about 15 nautical miles off the coast of Sinop. After the event, the ship, named Mümtaz Amca and sailing with Liberia’s flag of convenience, was towed up to a distance of 4 miles from the coast.

Several rescue teams were sent to the freighter but an ambulance helicopter failed to pick up the body of the deceased, identified as Kazım Sucu and of Turkish nationality, because of the strong winds that hit the region.

The injured man, also of Turkish nationality and identified as Ragıp Yanak, was rescued by a maritime police vessel and taken to a public hospital in the province.


cargo ship explosion Sinop Turkey

Effective firefighters, coast guard, police and the Agency for Management of Disasters and Emergencies (AFAD) remained on Wednesday morning on the coast to coordinate the rescue tasks of the rest of the crew.