On the Ship Sunken 800 Years Ago, the Inscription “Made in China” Was Found

The scientists found a label “Made in China” on the ship sunk in the Yavan Sea, which allowed the researchers to conclude that the ship had sunk a century earlier than was thought.

According to Live Science, this is a ship found by a private company in the Yavan Sea in the 90s. Carried out a radiocarbon analysis of resin and tusks, which were on the ship, dated them from the period of 889-1261.

Comparing the obtained data with the already available information about the ship, the scientists decided that the ship sank approximately in the XIII century. However, a new find may delay the date of the crash for about a century. As the “Zvezda” TV channel notes, on two ceramic vessels from the ship, there is an inscription saying that the products were created in China, in Jiannin Fu Prefecture (Fujian Province).

At the same time, the hieroglyph “Fu” put everything in its place. After all, the province received this name in 1162 during the Song Dynasty. In 1278 this territory was conquered by the troops of the Mongol Yuan dynasty, which renamed the prefecture in Jiannin Lu. “This indicates that the ceramic products were made between 1162 and 1278 years. The earliest date when the ship could sail is 1162.

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So, the shipwreck could have happened about a hundred years earlier than it was thought up to now, – explained one of the scientists from the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.



Source: Maritime News of Russia