Oil Spill in Louisiana: A Hidden Disaster for 14 Years

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Press reports warn of an oil spill on the coast of the state of Louisiana that could become one of the worst marine disasters in the history of the United States.

The spill, located 12 miles from that state, is about to become one of the worst marine disasters in the country’s history, but for years, officials have been silent about its existence and progress.

For its part, the publication Business Standard in its digital version states that the drip of oil has existed for 14 years in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, where about 330 thousand gallons of oil flow every year from offshore platforms and oil tanks. , according to a state agency that monitors them.

It specifies that between 300 and 700 barrels of oil per day are thrown from the site since 2004 when an oil production platform owned by Taylor Energy sank in a landslide caused by Hurricane Ivan.

The complaint of the Post states that many of the wells were not covered, and federal officials estimate that the spill could continue during this century.

With no solution in sight, the coastal spill on Taylor’s property threatens to overcome the Deepwater Horizon disaster of British Petroleum as the greatest of all time.

The escape is largely unknown outside of Louisiana due to the company’s effort to keep it a secret in hopes of protecting its reputation and ownership information about its operations, according to a lawsuit that eventually forced the company to reveal its plan. cleaning.

Last month, the Department of Justice submitted an independent analysis that showed that the spill was much larger than the one to 55 barrels per day that the National Center for Response of the United States Coast Guard (NRC) disclosed, using the data provided by the oil company.

The Post comments that the Gulf is one of the richest and most productive oil and gas regions in the world, and is expected to produce more than 600 million barrels this year alone, almost 20 percent of total US production.

According to the complaint, the company and the authorities concealed and misrepresented the information on the magnitude of the spill, something that today is the root cause of the great danger to the ecosystem of the area, and foreseeable damages to countries that involve the exploitation of the Gulf like Mexico. and Cuba.

Oil Spill in Louisiana: A Hidden Disaster for 14 Years

The company was never accurate about the severity of the spill and almost a decade after the fall of the oil rig, the government determined that the actual level of oil leakage in the Gulf was between one and 55 barrels per day.

However, now, the Post specifies, the new estimate dwarfs that: up to 700 barrels per day. Each barrel contains 42 gallons.



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