Oil Ecocide in Mexico Kills Dozens of Species

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The ecocide of Pemex in Veracruz killed dozens of species and more than 300 families were evacuated to shelter.

Pemex became the protagonist of the most recent ecocide in Mexico; an oil spill that caused the evacuation of 300 families living in the area surrounding the Tepeyac stream in Nachital, Veracruz.

In addition, the hydrocarbon reached the Coatzacoalcos River, which caused fatal effects for the fauna that inhabits the area; the death of dozens of turtles, fish and birds along seven kilometres away from this river.

Effects on fishermen

The spill that took place last Friday also caused fishermen in the area to suspend their regular activities in order to support their homes. They claim that their work will be diminished by the incident because they will not be able to fish or sell the product.

“In itself, there is no fish and now the little we grab people will not want because they think it is contaminated,” said the fishing leader.

This spill represents a serious crisis for local fishermen because in their usual seasons they hardly find what to fish.

Environmental emergency

In addition to the obvious environmental reasons why it is necessary to remove the toxic substance that caused dozens of deaths, it is necessary to do so urgently as the aroma of this cause headache and nausea to the inhabitants of Nachital who were transferred to shelters due to the intense smell.

The birds that have not died, slowly agonize because they feed with fish contaminated with gasoline; Herons and vultures are also threatened because they eat the carrion – animals spoiled – that smell in the distance.

Despite the fact that the regional coordinator of Civil Protection, Luis Castro Mendizábal, warns that it is urgent that Pemex personnel remove the pollutant from the river, so far, local authorities say that Pemex has not acted with the speed to control the spill of oil in the river.

They have only placed foam and other additives to avoid the oil output that of course, have not been enough to control the crisis, and it’s not the first time.

Oil Ecocide in Mexico Kills Dozens of Species

The local fishermen indicate that it is not the first time that Pemex causes this type of problem and as usual, it is excused in acts of vandalism and not to its inadequate installations without maintenance.

“It is said that the escape was on land, but with the rains, it came to the stream, and therefore to the Coatzacoalcos River. We ask the parastatal to put up barriers because they are letting it pass to the good of God. It is not possible to let this happen like this, “said Manuel Rodríguez Río, president of the Cooperativa de Pescadores Sociedad Gavilán del Río Coatzacoalcos.



Source: News Cultura Colectiva