Norwegian Navy Overturns a Ship on Purpose to Try to Prevent it from Sinking

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A Norwegian Navy frigate returning to the base after NATO’s “Trident Juncture” exercise collided with a Maltese tanker in the Hjelte fjord near Bergen and during the rescue maneuvers, to prevent it from sinking, it turned on purpose sideways. It is unknown if the attempt to save the ship will work.

The ship began to lose control and the Armed Forces and the police began to work to drag her inland. Authorities explained on Thursday at a press conference that the ship turned on purpose because they feared it would sink. “At this point, the frigate did not have adequate flow capacity,” said Sigurd Smith, commander of the Marin, according to Nrk.

Norwegian Navy overturns a ship on purpose to try to prevent it from sinking

“Those who watch now are watching the water rise, but it’s not because it’s sinking,” Navy communications officer Torill Herland told NRK just before 9 pm, while the ship is filled with water and leaned dangerously.

“We do not know if the ship is full, if it will move or if it will sink. We do not know anything, “the official added.

At 23:45, the police announced that the ship had not moved due to the flood.

The official explained that he will possibly remain stable all night, but his fate is unknown. “We know very little about the amount of damage to calculate how this will happen, but we are following it carefully.”

There is nobody inside the ship. All work is done externally. Three boats involved.

When the accident occurred there were three ships involved, the tanker TS Sola of Malta, the frigate KNM Helge Ingstad of the Armed Forces and a tugboat.

Onboard TS Sola there were 23 people unharmed and on the 137 frigates, including eight wounded. All of them were evacuated in a major rescue operation.

Police chief executive Dag Olav Sætre said that six people were sent to the local emergency service, while two others moved to Haukeland Hospital, says Sætre to NRK.

In the incident, a tank of the military unit, which contained 10 cubic meters of fuel for helicopters was damaged and there was a spill in the sea, whose magnitude has not yet been determined by the authorities, Rai TV reported. Several barges worked to contain the dispersion of hydrocarbons in the waters of the fjord, which is located along a busy sea route.

Norwegian Navy overturns a ship on purpose to try to prevent it from sinking

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Source: La Gran Epoca