Norway Will Open the First Submarine Restaurant in Europe

If you’ve always wanted to dine deep in the ocean, this reality may be closer than ever. In early 2019, Norway will open Europe’s first underwater restaurant.

The restaurant, named “Under”, will feature a 10-meter -wide panoramic window and was designed by the Norwegian architectural firm Sonhetta, famous for its work at the Norwegian National Opera and the Alexandrine Library in Egypt, to fit and confuse with the marine environment. The menu focuses mainly on fish dishes.

The restaurant is five meters from the surface, covered by thick walls designed to withstand the most varied sea conditions.

“One of the benefits of this building is the way it connects and connects with the surrounding nature and land, and how the client, in a very secure way, can dramatically enter this environment through this tube, getting to the level of nature and experiencing which is usually not possible, “explained the project’s lead architect, Rune Grasdal to CNN .

Visitors will have three floors and a capacity of up to 100 people. Under the entrance there will be a champagne bar, marking the transition between the shoreline and the ocean.

Further down in the dining room, with two long tables and other smaller ones positioned in front of the large acrylic window, which will be about four meters high.

Grasdal, who compared the building to a periscope, spoke about the importance of people feeling safe and not claustrophobic. To achieve this, the team took into account a large number of elements, such as natural materials such as oak, and good lighting.

Grasdal explained, “This should be an exciting experience, but people should also feel safe and well when they sit here.”

The chef of the restaurant, Nicolai Ellitsgaard, plans to offer a menu that follows the seasons, with local vegetables in spring and summer, and mushrooms and nuts in winter and seafood to influence the majority of deliveries throughout the year.

Norway will open Europe's first underwater restaurant

The environmental considerations were taken into account with regard to the design space, which is arranged to invite mussels grip itself.

Outside of opening hours, space will serve as a biological research centre, with experiments planned to study the behaviour of marine life during seasonal changes.


Source: Zap Aeiou