Norway and Britain will Patrol the Baltic Sea to Counter Russian Submarines

The United Kingdom and Norway intend to purchase American P-8A Poseidon aircraft for joint operations to track Russian submarines in the Baltic Sea, the British The Daily Telegraph reports with reference to the representative of the United Kingdom Defense Ministry.

Both countries will receive 14 P-8A Poseidon, five of which will be shipped to Norway, nine to the UK. The first aircraft will be deployed to the British Armed Forces in 2019 and will be based at the Lossiemouth Air Force Base in Scotland.

The total value of the British party of nine “Poseidon’s” will cost London 3 billion pounds (about $ 3.89 billion).

The decision to purchase American aircraft for patrolling the sea was made after the statements of British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson on the significant increase in the activity of Russian submarines in the Baltic.

He noted that the Royal Navy in 2107 had to respond 33 times to the approach of Russian warships to the British maritime boundaries, comparing with the situation in 2010, when only one such incident was recorded. According to Williamson, this indicates a growing aggression from Moscow.

P-8A arrival to Naval Air Station Patuxent River

At the same time, representative of the Ministry of Defense of Norway, Toen Skogen, during a visit to the Lossiemouth base, noted that “in the future, we (Great Britain and Norway) can strengthen our military cooperation using high-technology capabilities such as the F-35 fighter and the P-8 patch airplanes.”



Source: Maritime News of Russia