North Korean Spy Submarine Attracts Visitors to the Olympics in Pyeong Chang

This incident with the North Korean spy submarine is considered one of the most important spy cases involving the North Korean Navy.

In several places in the South Korean city of Gangneung, where a part of the Olympic village is located and some events of the Olympic Games of Pyeongchang 2018 are celebrated, it is possible to observe multiple marks of the conflict between the Koreas.

In Tongil Park, also known as the Unification Park, located a few miles from the Olympic Village, is one of the most popular attractions among tourists – the North Korean spy submarine of the Sang-O class.

In September 1996, the ship with 26 sailors on board approached the South Korean coast near the town of Gangneung, where some North Korean spies landed. Soon after, the submarine ran aground and because it was impossible to sink it, the crew decided to abandon it and set it on fire. They headed to South Korea.

After a hunt by the South Korean forces that lasted 49 days – from September 18 to November 5, the South Koreans finally captured and eliminated almost all their neighbors’ spies, with only one being able to return to their homeland.

North Korean Spy Sub Winter Olympics 2018 1


As a result of the operation, 4 civilians and 12 South Korean soldiers were killed, while 27 others were injured.