The Newest US Navy Warship is Frozen in the Port of Montreal in Canada

The newest coastal US Navy combat ship, which was presented with great pomp in December last year, was to complete its journey in Florida, but instead was stuck in the port of Canada. As captain-lieutenant of the US Navy Courtney Hillson said, the sailing delayed the weather conditions. Simply put, the ship is frozen in the ice. 


This is evidenced by the photos posted on the official page of the ship in Facebook. From the statement of the US Navy, it follows that the ship’s departure from Buffalo was postponed to the end of December last year. After sailing, the ship arrived at the port of Montreal in Canada, where it remained.


At the same time, the US military did not stop regularly to service the ship and eventually completed the repair of the steering cable. However, the military department was not allowed to continue the mission.


Hillson added that the stuck ship of the US Navy would be able to reach its destination only in one case – if towing ships arrived in the port of Montreal to help him get out of the ice trap.Frozen in the Port of Canada


The incident did not have a positive impact on the reputation of the United States Navy, as it undermines the effectiveness and validity of the decade-long global developments.


Source: Maritime News of Russia