A New Threat Comes to Light: An Underwater Volcano in Japan

A Possible Eruption Would Endanger Almost 100 Million People

In the face of nature, respect must always be shown. The catastrophic natural disasters that hit different parts of our planet are a sample of how small man can be before these events, so we must always be alert to the dangers they represent.

A new natural threat came to light, after a group of scientists announced that a giant lava dome in the collapsed magma chamber of the Kikai volcano could erupt.

Researchers from Kobe University found that this dome has almost eight cubic miles of magma trapped.

In fact, this kind of formations and accumulations of lava are not new to the volcano, but what is truly worrying is that little by little and silently this material could cause a super eruption.

The scientists warned and could conclude that an explosion of such magnitudes would endanger almost 100 million people. This submerged volcano, which erupted for the first time 7,300 years ago, could be preparing to return.

The fears and concerns of a possible eruption are largely based on the fact that this ancient volcano was responsible for one of the largest eruptions in the history of Japan, which is believed to have destroyed the entire Jomon civilization.

With the intention of reassuring and maintaining calm among the people, the research also pointed out that there is only a 1% chance of a “catastrophic” disaster in the next 100 years.

This volcano, which is only 31 miles south of Kyushu, the main island of Japan, maintains an activity that indicates a possible eruption. However, it does not imply that it is imminent, but rather that the volcanic system has been evolving since its last eruption, a fact that means that Kikai found a new source of magma.

Kikai volcano

For now, the scientists announced that they plan to continue investigating the volcano to find more causes about what is happening below the surface. So far three sonar readings of the volcano’s dome have been carried out, and another is planned for next month.


Source: www.elnuevodia.com