New Simulator For Fishing Training

Thanks to technological advances, we see the normal training of seafarers in bridge simulation centres, although there are many more applications within the maritime sector. We leave you the link to the collection of professional maritime simulators in case you are curious:

However, there was a gap in the fishing sector that Kongsberg Digital has been able to fill by marketing its new simulator for the training of professionals in the fishing sector.

Kongsberg Digital has reached an agreement with Lofoten Vocational School for the development and delivery of a new Simulator K-Sim Fishery with applications for the search and capture of fish.

The simulator is based on the sophisticated simulation technology developed by Kongsberg K-Sim and is integrated with professional fishing equipment from Kongsberg Maritime (Simrad), which includes echo real probes, sonar and capture monitoring systems.

The demand for a specific simulator for the fishing sector, which integrates all the key operations on board a fishing vessel, has grown in recent years, based on compliance with training, certification and guard regulations for fishing vessel personnel ( Agreement STCW-F), integrating the latest in search and capture of species, all focused on the sustainable development of this art and the improvement of fish quality.

Through the development of this new K-Sim fishing simulator, Kongsberg meets the needs of this sector with a solution that meets the requirements of the STCW-F Agreement and the DNV GL regulations.

Lofoten Vocational School will be the first centre to bring training to the fishing industry, which is especially important in the geographical area of Norway, where fishing is a means of subsistence. The simulator will play a vital role in the sustainability and safety of this industry.The commitment of Kongsberg Digital and Lofoten Vocational School is also important worldwide, in addition to improving the training of personnel on board fishing vessels, will bring benefits to ship owners.

Lofoten Vocational School changes its current simulator, Kongsberg Polaris, as well as moving its offices to Leknes, in Lofoten, which will be open in 2019.

K-Sim Fishery has been designed as a bridge of a fishing vessel (with different models and sizes of boats available) with all the necessary equipment, including the winch for the fishing net, etc. You can carry out exercises to familiarize yourself with the equipment and with different types of fishing gear, optimize your working hours thanks to the understanding of the different fishing techniques since the fish behave in different ways, learn to optimize the consumption of fuel, optimization of routes and positioning exercises, in addition to maneuvers to control the fishing gear, the stability of the vessel during the loading process, the storage of the cargo to guarantee the quantity and quality of the catch.

Tone-Merete Hansen, vice president of the division of Marine Simulation of Kongsberg Digital says that with more than 50 million people directly dependent on fishing (the production of marine capture fisheries in 2015 was 92.6 Mt) and of aquaculture (in 2015 fish production was 43.6 Mt) and more than one billion people in underdeveloped countries depending on fish to maintain a balanced and healthy diet, improve fishing safety and productivity through the introduction of new Training methods help to promote safer and more sustainable practices for the future.


Source: Sector Maritimo