New Scale of a Nuclear Submarine in Gibraltar in Less Than a Week

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The HMS Talent, of the Trafalgar class, already arrived at the naval base of the Rock in September.

The British nuclear submarine “HMS Talent” has resumed in Gibraltar . This has been denounced by the association Verdemar-Ecologists in Action , which has insisted on expressing its rejection of the arrival of these ships to the naval base of the Rock because of the risk they pose to the population.

The arrival of the “HMS Talen” comes just a few days after another British nuclear submarine, the “HMS Astute”, arrived in Gibraltar and spent four days in the Rock and left it last Thursday.

The “HMS Talent” is the symbol of the seven nuclear submarines of the Trafalgar class of the Royal Navy , a “floating bomb” according to the environmental organization and an old acquaintance in Gibraltar. The last time he stopped at the naval base of the Rock was last September.

New Scale of a Nuclear Submarine in Gibraltar in Less Than a Week

“Gibraltar’s naval base is becoming a port to which the United Kingdom takes its submarines to repair. This type of work on nuclear submarines in Gibraltar is endangering and endangering the population of Campo de Gibraltar and pose a clear risk to the Strait, “said Antonio Muñoz, spokesman for the environmental association.

Verdemar once again asks for Gibraltar to be free of nuclear-powered vessels and warns that Trafalgar-class submarines have design problems “and are spreading fear wherever they sail”, Muñoz added.


Source: ABS Sevilla