New Oil Spill Denounced in Antioquia, Colombia

Through a statement, the farmers warned that two months ago the breakage has seriously affected flora and fauna, resources they have to live on.

The Yondosina community, from the municipality of Yondó, in Antioquia , Colombia, denounced on Tuesday that for two months the rupture of the oil well in the production field La Rompida, from the Ecopetrol company, has caused “serious damage to natural resources and livestock, generating significant damage to the means of production “of the area.

By means of a communiqué, the inhabitants denounced that a great part of the activities of exploration, production and transport of hydrocarbons are carried out in fragile areas of abundant biodiversity, where a variety of animal and plant species converge, of which many people live.

The town, which is located a few meters from the La Rompida channel, represents an important area of natural resources for the municipality.

“When an oil spill occurs, the animals die. To decontaminate the site it is necessary to remove the vegetation and the part of the soil that came into contact with the oil, which is usually the organic part, in which the microorganisms that fertilize the plant are found. soil, “the community explained.

“We demand an immediate visit to corroborate what is in this complaint and take appropriate measures to remedy the damage and prevent it from happening again,” they demanded.

Likewise, the signatories hope that those responsible for the environmental disaster will respond to the competent elements, demanding the company  Ecopetrol and the environmental authorities “to develop preventive, continuous monitoring and corrective actions in the critical areas”, in addition to carrying out detailed soil studies, water, flora and fauna, as well as review and adapt the mitigation plans and ensure the attention of the affected communities.

New Oil Spill Denounced in Antioquia, Colombia

Finally, they ask that the money that the oil industry invests in security be allocated to programs that improve the quality of life of the communities and that they reduce the social, environmental and economic impact on them.

In March of this year, Ecopetrol had already received complaints from another community, located in La Lizama, Santander, affected in the same way and with the same consequences; those that were just taken care of this week.



Source: TelesurTV