New Buildings for Crystal Cruises Are Smaller Than Announced

Plans for the new buildings for Crystal Cruises are being scaled back.

Space for 1000 passengers should originally have the planned new buildings for Crystal Cruises. But now the shipping company changed the plans. Instead of 100,000 tons of gross tonnage, the ships will have approximately 60,000 to 65,000 tons of gross tonnage, with room for around 800 passengers. 

Originally, 48 private residences were planned on the top deck. But also, from these plans, Crystal Cruises say goodbye. Accordingly, the modified ship design is now called Diamond Class instead of Exclusive Class.

Crystal Cruises

After initially announcing ambitious plans for Crystal Cruises under the umbrella of the Genting Group Hong Kong, the plans were corrected time and time again. While originally intended to bring the first major new construction at the end of 2018 in motion, is now from 2022 the speech.

The German MV shipyards are to build the Diamond class.


Source: Cruise Deck – Travel Reports Cruises and Ships