The Nevelsky City Court Confiscated the Ship from the Company and Fined it for 100 Thousand Rubles

The Nevelsk city court made a decision to recognize the legal entity of LLC “DABL” as guilty of committing an administrative offense under Article 8.37 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation and imposing punishment in the form of an administrative fine of 100,000 rubles with the confiscation of the fishing vessel “Miyo Maru 21” (flag of the Russian Federation, port of registration Kholmsk) in favor of the state.

The vessel was detained under the name of Oyster (flag of Togo, port of registration of Lome) by officers of the border department of the FSB of Russia for the Sakhalin region on January 18 within the exclusive economic zone of Japan with the assistance of the Headquarters of the 1st district of UBM Japan and the Department of Fisheries and Forestry of the Hokkaido Governorate of Japan.

During the court hearing it was established that the cargo vessel Oyster (which is also the fishing vessel “Miyo Maru 21”) is owned by the Russian company LLC “DABL”. The crew of the fishing schooner “Miyo Maru 21” disconnected the technical control equipment (TSC), left the ship from the port of Korsakov to Japan, and then changed its name and type. The forged register ship documents for Oyster were registered for a foreign company, which was liquidated in 2012 and registered in Seychelles.

In the court session it was reliably established that the vessel “Miyo Maru 21” and the vessel Oyster are the same vessel intended for the search, extraction of aquatic biological resources by the potato method, as well as for receiving, transferring, storing and transporting living objects of the fishery. After leaving the port of Korsakov Oyster repeatedly made calls to the port of Wakkanai (Japan) with a live hairy crab on board.

At the time of technical detection on January 18, the ship was in the area of ​​commercial accumulations of aquatic biological resources in the exclusive economic zone of Russia. At the request of the captain was represented by the vessel “Altai” and followed the course towards the neighboring state. The vessel Oyster managed to be detained already after crossing the outer border of the territorial sea of ​​the Russian Federation in Japanese waters, where continuous monitoring of the offender was carried out by Japanese partners.

It should also be noted that at present the indictment in the criminal case on part 1 of Article 322 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation has been approved by the Sakhalin Oblast Prosecutor’s Office in connection with the illegal crossing of the state border with respect to the ship’s captain.

Ship Fined 100 thousand rubles

On January 20, under similar circumstances, the fishing schooner OST-3 (the flag of the Republic of Tanzania, the port of registry of Zanzibar) was detained. According to this fact, operative and investigative actions continue, reports with reference to the press service of the border control department of the FSB of Russia for the Sakhalin region.


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