Navy Seized More Than Half a Ton of Cocaine in Cauca Columbia

The operation was carried out in the rural area of López de Micay. The drug, valued at more than 20 million dollars, would be taken to Central America and later to the United States.

In operations carried out in the Pacific Coast of Cauca, the National Navy managed in the last hours the seizure of more than half a ton of cocaine in the jurisdiction of the municipality of López de Micay.

The result was in the area of the Micay River, where a boat was located that drug organizations had ready to set sail with 625 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride inside. The crew fled when they noticed the presence of military personnel.

The commander of the Marine Infantry Brigade number two, Colonel Oswaldo Solano, explained that the approximately eight-meter-long boat named “Dancar” was on a river bank, where it would have been abandoned.

During the inspection, 21 packages were found with rectangular packages, similar to the alkaloid. Once the vessel and the consignment were taken to Buenaventura, the authorities confirmed that it was cocaine hydrochloride.

Colonel Solano said that the alkaloid, which would have a value of more than 20 million dollars in the international market, would be transferred to Central America on board this vessel in the service of drug trafficking. Then would be taken to the United States.

A vessel was located that drug organizations were ready to set sail with 625 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride inside.

During the operation, there were no captures, but the troops of the National Navy continue with investigations to bring those responsible to justice.


Source: WRadio