Navy of Mexico Help the Crew of the Ship “Leigh River” in the Open Sea

The morning of this Tuesday was received information that a ship presented an emergency at sea, so elements of the Semar came to his aid.

The Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico as a National Maritime Authority, and acting as the Coast Guard, through the First Naval Region, reports that on Tuesday morning, information was received that a ship had an emergency at sea.

or this reason, Naval personnel on board an aircraft, sighted the supply vessel “Leigh River” with the Mexican Flag, which presented an emergency situation by water in the engine compartment when it was sailing at 55 nautical miles (102 kilometers) northeast of this port.

Upon arrival at the incident area, the Naval personnel from the aircraft noticed that the crew of the “Leigh River” (eight people) were already in abandonment actions, to embark on the Maltes Ship “Sredna Gora”, which was found close to the sinister ship.

It should be noted that the naval air unit remained flying over the area in order to verify that the crew members were safe.

Later, today, a Defender Class vessel belonging to the Naval Search, Rescue and Maritime Surveillance Station of Veracruz sailed from this port. Upon arrival at the dock of the “T”, the crew of the “Leigh River” were transferred aboard an ambulance of this institution, to the Naval Hospital of Specialties of Veracruz, for its assessment and medical observation.

Navy of Mexico Help the Crew of the Ship Leigh River in the Open Sea

In this way, the Navy-Navy Secretariat of Mexico, in compliance with one of its powers, performs the necessary actions to safeguard human life at sea through search and rescue operations in the Mexican marine areas, international waters.


Source: El Dictamen