Naval Forces Seize Another Submarine Narco

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A semi-submersible was detected today by the Salvadoran Naval Force 450 nautical miles south of Acajutla, the Ministry of Defense reported.

It would be the largest seizure of drugs by the Naval Force and would contain about 99 packages of drugs that would mean about 2 tons.

“The seized packages and suspicious persons are being transferred and guarded by the Naval Force,” the Ministry of Defense reported on its Twitter account.

It is expected that the submarine narco and its occupants arrive in Salvadoran territory in approximately five days due to the distance and weather conditions.

Last July, the Naval Force located 244 nautical miles, southwest of the port of Acajutla, a low-profile, semi-submersible, unmanned and illicit vessel.

Naval Force Seize Another Submarine Narco

A week ago, the Navy seized 12 packages with 552 kilos of cocaine, valued at more than $ 13 million in a small abandoned boat on Las Hojas beach in La Paz.


Source: El Mundo