NATO Prepares Military Exercises in the Black Sea

Military troops from at least 7 countries will be involved in the NATO sea exercises Sea Shield 2018 in the Black Sea, whose goal will be to practice defence against threats coming by air, land and sea, the Romanian Navy reported on Thursday (3).

“Sea Shield exercises 18 are NATO’s largest exercises on the southern and eastern flanks of the North Atlantic alliance in 2018. They demonstrate the ability of Romanian sailors to plan, organize and hold training events in 3 areas of activity: land, air and water, “the Navy said.

A total of 21 ships, 10 planes and a submarine, as well as 2,300 soldiers from Romania, the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Ukraine, Greece and Spain will participate in the military exercises, the statement said.

The exercises, which should last 8 days, will begin on Friday (4) in the Romanian port city of Constanta.

NATO has been boosting its naval presence in the Black Sea since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, citing the supposed interference of Russia in the internal conflict as a justification for its actions.

NATO prepares military exercises in the Black Sea

Moscow denies allegations of involvement in Ukraine, warning that hoarding troops and military equipment at its borders is a provocative action that violates previous promises of the organization and could lead to a situation of regional and global destabilization.


Source: BR Sputnik News