Mysterious’ Packages Appear on the Beach of Serviluz in Fortaleza Brazil

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Camocim, Aracati, São Gonçalo do Amarante and Caucaia also recorded the appearance of strange boxes coming from the sea.

At least two “mysterious” packages appeared on Monday morning (29) at the beach of Serviluz in Fortaleza. The strange boxes from the sea had already appeared on the coast of Ceará this weekend in the cities of Camocim, Aracati, São Gonçalo do Amarante and Caucaia.

The packages found in the Capital were found by the student Hélio Saldanha, who walked along the beach when he saw the objects. “I was walking with my dog when I saw the package. Up close, it resembles synthetic and upholstered material. Very strange, since the objects have already been located in other beaches of the Northeast. It’s a mystery, “he said. The first appearance of the boxes was in Alagoas. Pernambuco and Paraíba also had records.

“I have heard that it could be an oil-related object, but it does not smell very closely,” said the student. “Make sure that the competent bodies take action. Who knows this might bring some harm to us? “He asked.

The head of Ibama’s Technical-Environmental Division in Ceará, Miller Holanda Câmara, said the material must have been discarded by a ship and could be treated as common waste. “It seems to be solid waste that has been discarded or abandoned on the high seas and has arrived here on the coast, not only in Ceará, but also in other neighboring states,” he said, adding that the packages could be recycled, incinerated or deposited in an appropriate place by the municipality of each municipality.

First appearances

The packages began to appear on the beaches of Alagoas, leaving on alert the residents of at least 13 cities in the state. The bales found weigh more than 100kg each and there are records of their presence in Tamandaré, on the coast of Pernambuco, as well as the beaches of Paraíba.

In Ceará, the physical material has not yet been evaluated by IBAMA teams.

Mysterious' Packages Appear on the Beach of Serviluz in Fortaleza Brazil

In Alagoas, laboratory tests done by biologists from the Institute of the Environment (IMA) found that the packages that appeared on the coast of Alagoas are made of polymer, a synthetic material made from petroleum products. The origin, however, is still unknown.


Source: Diario do Nordeste