Mutant Fishes Close to Chernobyl Captured in Video:

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You will be shocked! The most recent viral video published on YouTube shows the surprising situation that a fisherman lived in a river of Chernobyl , the famous Ukrainian city that was devastated by a terrible nuclear accident. According to the images, the man found fish with strange shapes and this

The publication of ‘RT’ on YouTube conducted an investigation and shared with his followers a video where he could appreciate the ‘mutant fish’. Thousands of people around the world were impacted and shared their comments on social networks .

This problem of genetics suffered by thousands of fish in Chernobyl is a consequence of the contamination suffered after the explosion of one of the reactors of the nuclear power plant in 1986. That is why, in the area there have been strange events that have first impression It would be a paranormal event .

These images broadcast on YouTube showed the monstrous figure of reptilian head fish and fossilized scales, the ‘mutant animal’. The scientists later deduced that it was a South American fish that is a kind of piranha.

It is not the first time that a strange fish has been found in Chernobyl because of the nuclear problem; However, the surprise of millions of Internet users who witnessed the reptilian traits of aquatic animals continues to be stolen.

In this note we share our note, so you can appreciate from a photograph how are the ‘mutant fish’ or reptiles , who apparently have teeth, to see the viral images all you have to do is slide the main image to the left.



Source: La Republica