More Than One Ton of Alkaloid Seized in the Colombian Pacific

Operations at sea against drug trafficking organizations that commit crimes in the Colombian Pacific do not stop, so in the last hours, more than one ton of cocaine hydrochloride was seized when it was transported in a boat by four drug traffickers, among them a Costa Rican, from the general area of Buenaventura to Central America.

The units of the Pacific Naval Force detected the suspicious vessel when it sailed about 40 miles from the coast of the municipality of Buenaventura. The four crew members of the boat tried to flee when they noticed the presence of the National Navy, without any success.

During the inspection of the vessel, 38 packages with substances similar to the alkaloid were found in the front of the vessel (bow). Likewise, the subjects in their possession were found two satellite phones, cell phones, more than half a million Colombian pesos and 5,000 Costa Rican settlers. It was determined that of the four crew members, three were Colombians and one was a Costa Rican national.

The crew, the stash and the boat without name, registration and flag, were transferred to the facilities of the National Navy in Buenaventura, where the judicial authorities made the Preliminary Identification Test – Piph, giving positive for cocaine hydrochloride with a net weight of 1,091 kilograms, which would cost close to 40 million dollars in the international market.

The drug traffickers were placed at the disposal of the competent authorities for the legalization of their capture.

 More Than One Ton of Alkaloid Seized in the Colombian Pacific

So far this year, the Pacific Naval Force has seized more than 36 tons of cocaine hydrochloride, preventing more than 1.2 billion dollars from entering drug trafficking organizations.

The National Navy continues to carry out operations that help to deny the illegal use of the sea by drug trafficking organizations.



Source: Armada Nacional