More than 30 Divers will Participate In The Submarine Way of The Cross In the Province of Chubut

They will carry a heavy cross under the water. The public will be able to witness it this Friday from the dock. High reserves.

The parish priest of Puerto Madryn is called Jesús María. In addition, you do not want to miss the 15th edition of the Submarine Way of the Cross-that will take place this Friday in this city on the coast of the province of Chubut. That is why during the whole year he did the diving course. Moreover, will be present in the recreation of the last four seasons, which will be aquatic.

More than 30 divers from all over the country have already confirmed the presence. In addition, diving schools will send their students to live the experience. Ricardo Sastre, who decided to share the experience for the first time, will also be present.

The procession will start from the parish of Barrio Sur, at 18. It will go through different neighbourhoods, bless some places until you reach the Luis Piedrabuena dock, a symbol of this city where they usually anchor huge cruises.

At around 20, the tour of the stations will begin. The first eight will be on foot and the last four will be underwater. Everything will be illuminated on the coast so that residents and tourists can enjoy the show. The participating divers will load a heavy cross of 4 meters high

The first edition of this very particular Way of the Cross was held in 2001 and only suffered some postponements. This activity can be seen from the dock and in the 2011 edition, the public witnessed the sinking of the “Shepherd of the abyss”, an image of Christ on a 3 and a half meter iron pedestal who cares for the divers when they are submerged.

The cross, illuminated from the dock, is lowered on a platform to get lost in the waters of the Golfo Nuevo.

The Via Crucis ends with the departure of the priest and the divers carrying the cross to the shore, where a large bonfire awaits them and the presence of the municipal and parochial choir. The stations are made of plastic to avoid deterioration by seawater.

In parallel to this event, a new edition of the Fair of Artisanal Fishermen will be launched, an activity where tourists who can enjoy all kinds of seafood. The city expects the extra long weekend with cravings: 80% of seats are reserved.



Source: Clarin Society