More Than 20 North Korean Sailors Were Rescued by Border Guards After Typhoon “Jabi” in Primorye

More than 20 sailors from the North Korean moto bots that suffered from the storm were rescued by border guards after the typhoon “Jabi” in Primorye, medical care was required for one foreigner.

“Crews affected by the storm of North Korean moto bots – 23 people – were rescued in the bays of the Unremarkable and the Red Rock. In the near future they will be returned to their homeland, “the press service of the FSB border guard department for the Primorye Territory said on Thursday.

One of the rescued fishermen of the typhoon was seriously injured and taken to the hospital.

It is specified that his return home will later be handled by the Consulate General of the DPRK in Vladivostok.

Also, the border guards clarify that almost all 300 vessels from the DPRK and the Republic of Korea, who took refuge from the typhoon “Jabi” in the bays in the north of the Primorsky Territory, left them and, accompanied by the Coast Guard, follow the borders of Russia’s border area. All fishing vessels move to the borderline on their own.

According to the norms of international law, foreign vessels have the right of forced entry into the territorial sea, internal sea waters and seaports of another state for shelter from bad weather.

More than 20 North Korean sailors were rescued by border guards after Typhoon "Jabi" in Primorye

So, in late August, during the passage of the typhoon Soulik off the coast of Primorye, about 70 foreign fishermen caught in the storm were rescued.



Source: Maritime News of Russia