More Than 10 Industrial Ship Crew Saved from Dying off the Coast of Casma

Fishermen of the tempting ship were rescued alive after sinking in the Ancash coast.

Twelve crew members of the industrial fishing vessel Tentadora saved death, after the iron ship in which they work sank off the coast of Casma, on the coast of Ancash.

The head of the Captaincy of Puerto de Chimbote, Carlos Díaz Honores, confirmed that the fishermen have been rescued alive by the boat Cristo Salvador III. The accident occurred on Tuesday at approximately 3:30 pm, 30 miles from the port of Casma.

Commander Diaz said that a coastguard patrolman set sail at 5:00 p.m. to meet the ship that assisted the seamen, in order to carry out the transshipment and take them to the Robles clinic in the city of Chimbote.

The Navy officials said that there are no seriously injured or missing and that in the next few hours will begin investigations to determine the causes of the incident.

This accident happens to six days that eight fishermen of the ship Maria Esperanza II perished in the sea chimbotano after a marine shock. Six of them have not yet been rescued.

On the other hand, in Arequipa, a ship was wrecked on Punta de Bombón beach, in Islay. The accident caused the death of a fisherman, while two others are missing.

More Than 10 Industrial Ship Crew Saved from Dying off the Coast of Casma

Apparently, the boat would have come too close to the Arequipa beach and was hit by the waves, causing it to overturning.


Source: El Comercio