More Entangled Animals Appear In Baja California

La Paz, Baja California Sur.- One of the attractions that bring more economic activation to our port is Isla Espiritu Santo and the journey to reach it, as is the lobera, where there are dozens of sea lions, who like that other marine species, currently suffer the consequences of plastic debris that end up in the sea, being trapped in them and creating serious injuries.

Eréndira Valle is currently director of operations of a project to unleash sea lions in the city of La Paz, which has uncovered nine sea lions so far, working in collaboration with the authorities in training and professionalization, they also provide equipment specialized to work, since the legal attribution to carry out rescue and care of mammals is from Profepa and Conanp, due to the fact that sea lions and all the Islands of the Gulf of California are Unesco’s world heritage and are flora and fauna protection areas.

The process of descaling requires a specialized team among which is Eréndira Valle Padilla and Daniela Bárcenas, who comment that in the nine cases that they have worked, they have obtained a 100% success, nevertheless, more entangled wolves continue to appear, as is the case currently three adult wolves and three small wolves, one year old, that are in that situation in the area of the wolf and sloop resulting from poor waste management in areas near the sea.

The reason he directs these rescues is “because the sea is the love of my life, when I saw a very serious problem, and I saw it very often, when I was doing documentaries of the wolf, I investigated and discovered that the authorities had neither the team nor the training to do it, so as a concerned citizen I was activated to do something, “says Erendira.

The desenmalle is programmed with the authorities and divers

This project will be applied this year in areas such as Los Cabos, Cabo Pulmo, Isla Guadalupe Biosphere Reserve, the Pacific Islands biosphere reserve, and the Vizcaíno biosphere reserve, which face this same problem.



Source: el sudcaliforniano