Monstrous Creature is Found at the Bottom of the Sea (VIDEO)

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The unusual animal impressed the experts.

The seabed hides many secrets and innumerable mysteries even for experts, proof of this is the monster with which scientists have just met at the bottom of the sea, a creature really creepy.

It is not the only strange species with which they have met, however, it does not stop surprising them since they seem beings taken from other worlds.

It turns out that the phenomenal creature is about the cross of a pelican with a fish OMG! Yes, it is real, the unusual animal turned out to be a given hybrid of the cross of these two animals.

Its name is pelican fish, scientifically known as e urypharynx pelecanoides, which is actually a species of eel.

Live alone in temperate and tropical seas

The appearance of this creature is surprising, it has a snake-like body that can suddenly take on the appearance of a puffer fish as a consequence of its swelling.

This species is found at a depth of 500 and 3 thousand meters, but only in temperate or tropical seas.

Taking a photo at that depth is a challenge, so there is very little information about this fish, therefore, a team of researchers is working at a depth of one thousand meters on the coast of the Azores Islands to capture the type of hunting used by the pelican fish.

There are few videos of their appearance but they are all amazing.


Source: Chispa.TV