Mom Dies Trying To Save Her 4 Children From Drowning In The Sea

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A mother in Lakeland, Florida, drowned in the sea while trying to save her 4 children who were fighting against the strong current.

SamarAboukhdair, 36, who, along with some friends, was spending the day at the Pass-a-Grille beach in St. Petersburg, Florida. According to the fellowship of the Pinellas County sheriff’s office, Aboukhdair was watching her children and also those of her neighbour, all between 5 and 13 years old.

Around 6:09 p.m., Four of the eight children were swimming on the beach.

Suddenly, two witnesses who were in the arena, Richard and LauraGrande, heard the children screaming from the sea.

According to Grande, he worked as a rescuer in New York City and did not think twice to throw himself to the sea and try to save the children.

“I just went into rescue mode,” he told the Tampa BayTimes…

“My brain went out and my heart quickened. I had to get these children out of the water, or they would die in front of me, “Richard told ABC Action News.

Grande, his wife and other people who were at sea did what they could to help, according to the authorities. Richard Grande was able to take one of the children from the sea and his wife to another explaining how to swim to the shore.

“Basically all I could do was yell at those in the sea not to fight against the current, do not panic, turn around and let the current carry you,” Linda told ABC Action News.

The authorities reported that the other witnesses saw when Aboukhdair entered the sea to be able to help as well.

“She’s trying to hold her baby up,” said Grande. “A very bad scene, seeing the woman start to drown.”

Mother Dies Trying To Save Her 4 Children From Drowning In The Sea

When the St. Pete rescuers arrived, they were able to get the mother and her children out of the sea. Aboukhdair was taken to the Palms of Pasadena hospital, and on Saturday night, Pinellas County authorities reported that she was stable. However, on Sunday morning, they reported that she had died.

The children were also taken to the hospital with minor injuries and were taken home on Saturday morning.

Aboukhdair’s children were with a family friend on Saturday night as they waited for her husband to return from another country, the officials said. The other two children met with their parents as well.



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