Miracle At Sea: Born After the Rescue of his Refugee Mother

A Libyan woman, who a few hours before a boat of the NGO SOS Mediterranée who was rescued after two days adrift in the Mediterranean, gave birth to her baby aboard the ship Aquarius in international waters. They called it Miracle

A Libyan woman, who a few hours before a boat of the NGO SOS Mediterranée had rescued after being two days adrift in the Mediterranean Sea, gave birth to her baby of 2,800 kilos on board the ship Aquarius in international waters and named her Milagro, Miracle in English.

The woman, in an advanced state of gestation, was rescued this Saturday in a pneumatic boat along with 68 other immigrants by a ship of the Italian Navy and then transferred to the Aquarius, where she began to feel the labour contractions.

“To be the first child of the woman, it happened very quickly, the pain started in the early morning, but after a few hours of delivery, she was born, both the child and the mother are very well,” explained the midwife of Médecins Sans Frontières, Amoin Soulemane, according to the newspaper El Mundo, of Spain.

Already safe in Catania, Italy, the woman told the volunteers that she spent a year in Libya as a prisoner in a camp, where she received little food, mistreated her and asked for money to free her. Finally, she managed to escape with her partner earlier this year.

Since then they have been hiding in a friend’s house in Libya until they embarked last Thursday with an uncertain destination.

“That boat left on Wednesday, but the engine broke down and they had to come back in. The traffickers told them to hide on the beach, then they disappeared and they did not return for 24 hours.” At that moment she stayed there, terrified and without food, nor water, “said one of Médecins Sans Frontières’ volunteers, Ni Mhurchu, who spoke with the woman during the transfer.

Miracle at sea born after the rescue of his refugee mother

“The situation in Libya is extremely dangerous for refugees and immigrants, who have little access to medical treatment, if they had gone into labour 48 hours earlier, they would have given birth to the child in a hiding place on a beach in Libya, without no medical help, “said Ni Mhurchu.

In the Twitter account of the NGO SOS, they welcomed the world to the small Miracle with photos and videos of people singing and dancing. “The 70, including the small Miracle, came well to Catania,” they reported.


Source: rosario3.com