Minister of Transport Starts the Austral Fiber Optic Project with Underwater Soil Study

With a visit to the scientific ship GeoExplorer, the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Paola Tapia, together with the mayor of the Los Lagos region, Leonardo de la Prida, began the study of the seabed that will allow the development of the Fiber Optic project Austral, which will provide state-of-the-art infrastructure with open and non-discriminatory access in the southernmost part of the country, improving the quality of data transfer between this area and the rest of the country.

“The government of President Bachelet, fulfilling its commitment to integration and connectivity for the most isolated areas of the south of our country, tendered and awarded the Fiber Optic Austral project. This is the largest infrastructure project awarded in the government and will allow for better digital connectivity for the Los Lagos, Aysén and Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic regions, “Minister Tapia said at the time.

Bentos Surveyor, the company in charge of the analysis, will use the GeoExplorer vessel to study the deep waters, as well as a smaller vessel for the shallow waters; On board the GeoExplorer will be eight scientists and 30 crew members, including observers from Subtel and Shoa.

The study, which begins today in Puerto Montt, will last four months and will aim to analyze the terrain through which the submarine cable will pass, which will allow defining the exact route for the 3,000 km route, the type of cable to be used the area and depth.

This work will make it possible to build an ideal cable for the area, thus ensuring its durability. This task will be developed by the company Huawei, after which it will proceed to the installation of the conduit on the seabed from Puerto Montt to Puerto Williams, which is the southernmost town in the world and close to Antarctica.

The mayor of Los Lagos, Leonardo de la Prida, stressed that “today we are starting this new stage in the Austral Fiber Optic Project, which will allow a better connection for our community improving the quality of life of Chileans in every corner of the country where they are. ”

To develop this initiative, the State ordered the delivery through a Public Bid of a maximum subsidy in CLP of $64,148,400,000.- (approximately 100 million dollars), to subsidize the companies that build, operate and operate the required infrastructure. for the implementation of the so-called Austral Submarine Trunk and the three Terrestrial Trunks, being granted an intermediate telecommunications service concession that only provides physical infrastructure for telecommunications to each one of the awardees.

“We are proud to build the” New Carretera Austral de Chile “and with great satisfaction, we can say that it will be a contribution to the development of our country, especially to the regions of Los Lagos, Aysén and Magallanes, being a milestone in digital integration of Chile with the world, “said CTR general manager Patricio Morales.

Geo expolrer

The submarine trunk of 2,829 kilometers, which includes departures in Caleta Tortel and Punta Arenas, will have a capacity of 16 terabits and was auctioned for $ 52,691 million, corresponding to 97.9% of the fund offered by Subtel. It is estimated that its construction will require a total of 26 months, starting in 2018.


Source: Mundo Acuicola