Million Dollar Cocaine Shipment That Was Well Hidden in Boat Found After Search

Agents of the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Air and Marine Operations (AMO) and the Puerto Rico Police occupied a million-dollar cocaine shipment last Sunday in a private vessel that arrived at Las Croabas in Fajardo, while they arrested to two individuals.

As reported in a press release, it is 174 pounds (78.7 kilos) of cocaine and 152 cartons of cigarettes. The value of the cargo was estimated at $ 1.9 million.

“This is the second incident in which our AMO teams have detected contraband attempts across the east coast of the island. We remain committed to working with other law enforcement partners to detect and prevent these intrusions, “said Johnny Morales, Director of Air Operations.

He explained that an interceptor team of the AMO Marine Unit of Fajardo observed a suspicious vessel arriving at the boat ramp in Las Croabas.

The Marine Interdiction agents contacted the Puerto Rico Police who made a traffic stop of the ship, the trailer and a cargo van.

The officers conducted a search and found 152 cartons of cigarettes (a total of 30,400 individual cigarettes) hidden on the rail of the port of the boat.

Also, it was reported that a can K-9 of the Police alerted positively on the presence of narcotics on board the ship.

CBP officers conducted a more intrusive search, removing the ship’s built-in fuel tank, where they found a hidden compartment.

There were 72 bricks for a total of 78.7 kilograms of a white powdered substance that tested positive for cocaine in field tests.

Meanwhile, the Federal Anti-Drug Agency (DEA) assumed custody of two US citizens and seized the drugs and the ship for further investigation.

Puerto Rico Drug Bust on Boat

Special agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) confiscated 152 cartons of cigarettes.

On February 14, AMO crews seized 25 pounds inside a hidden backpack inside the central console of a private boat that arrived at the Las Croabas boat ramp in Fajardo.


Source: La Perla Del Sur