The Migratory Drama and Despair Continues; 12000 People Have Tried to Arrive, Many More Could Not

Migratory flows continue and the humanitarian disaster remains in European waters. Across the Mediterranean Sea thousands of people continue to try to reach Europe and the countries of the south continue to withstand the pressure of the European problem. Spain, does not escape, and the southern border continues to be a point of arrival for thousands of people, just as in Spanish waters is still rescuing pateras every day.

According to the International Organization for Migration, in this year 2018, 12,810 people have arrived in Europe. 10,579 have done it across the sea, crossing the continent paying the mafias. In the first quarter of 2017, according to the IOM’s own data, more than 20,000 people arrived in Europe.

The places they arrive do not change: Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Spain lead the entry points to the continent, something that both NGOs and experts understand as access points, but not residence. Many of the people who arrive have no intention of staying in the first country they can access but continue on their way to the continent.

Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or the Republic of the Congo are the countries that most emigrants leave since the situation in their countries continue to live in a situation of conflict.

In Spain the drip continues

This Thursday a boat with 3 0 men, three women and three children was rescued in the Alboran Sea. This is how Maritime Salvage was informed that it was in charge of taking them to the fishing port of Almería. All the people were of Sub-Saharan origin.

A spokeswoman explained to the local press office of Europa Press that it was the helicopter Helimer 207 that sighted the boat. A few minutes later, a zodiac of about 5.5 meters in length of green, moved to the position where the maritime media had also moved to begin the rescue.

To the point mentioned, the Guardamar Polimnia arrived, who proceeded to transfer the occupants of the boat at 11.26 hours after verifying that all were in apparent good health and headed towards the fishing port of Almeria, where the rescued will be attended by an emergency response team (ERIE) of the Red Cross.

The service dependent Fomento mobilized their media after receiving a warning about 22.00 hours on Wednesday in which he warned of a boat had left the Moroccan area of ​​Bouyafar with 33 people on board.

The Alboran Sea, focus of arrivals

Since January, Salvamento Marítimo has had a constant activity in the waters of the Alboran Sea. The drip of people who get on the boats to go to the sea in order to get to Spain is constant according to the data they handle.

migratory drama continues

When asked by, Salvamento Marítimo details the figures that have been collected from the first month of the year. In total they had to attend to 19 emergencies related to irregular migrations to rescue a total of 32 boats. More than 845 people were rescued and 2 died. If the figures are added to the figures by Morocco, the number reaches 1,238 people.


Source: teinteresa