Miami Concentrates All the Luxury of Yachts with Submersible Drones and Fly Board

The city of Miami promises to be the largest center of fun and nautical luxury in the world with two major fairs and two thousand recreational boats, in addition to showcasing the most innovative technology, submersible drones and water sports.

The Miami International Boat Show celebrates its 30th edition turned into a must stop to watch dazzling boutique and super luxury yachts, like the “Double Down”, 65 meters in length, almost all anchored along more than 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) on the Collins Avenue pier.

The exclusive yachts, superyachts and the most advanced marine technology and accessories exhibited make this fair something “spectacular that attracts thousands of enthusiasts from around the world,” said Andrew Doole, general manager of Informa, co-owner of the fair.

Doole put the focus on the good evolution of the sector, at a time when “all the fairs of yachts and boats in the United States and Europe have seen increased sales and the participation of exhibitors.”

Until next Monday, fans of water sports can also enjoy the five hundred new yachts exhibited and the daily demonstrations by professionals of the so-called fly board and the use of submersible drones in the Aqua Zone area.

The fly board, which is becoming a reality in the main points of nautical tourism in the world, consists of a board connected to a jet ski that allows the pilot to propel itself up to 12 meters high, in the case of experts.

“The ‘fly board’ is one of the most innovative aquatic toys and a novelty in the Aqua Zone of the Miami Yacht Show, along with the VIP floating platform in the center of the place that offers drinks and snacks,” Doole added, who assured that dozens of Thousands of people will visit the Miami Beach yacht exhibit.

The Miami Beach exhibition takes place completely in the water, on an installation of 8 kilometers (5 miles) of pier on the sea, a circuit carpeted of straight wooden and metal footbridges to whose flanks all types of yachts are moored and superyachts that fans can visit.

A showcase that tempts with more than half a thousand vessels and, according to the organization, generates an impact in the region of about $ 11,000 million and creates some 136,000 direct and indirect jobs.

This impressive display of 111,630 square meters (1.3 million square feet) features the renewed and exclusive Watson Island marina in Miami, the only facilities in the United States designed to accommodate vessels up to 170 meters in length.

The Miami Beach exhibit, with a value of more than $ 1,000 million, is complemented by another parallel nautical show, the Miami International Boat Show, in Biscayne Bay, where 1,400 recreational boats are exhibited and 1,100 exhibitors participate.

This other event in Miami that expects to receive more than 100,000 visitors is also essential for sea enthusiasts or eager to fantasize about water sports, cutting-edge technology and design.

At Pier 9, adjacent to the iconic Miami Marine Stadium, there are more than fifty sailboats and catamarans that make this second event one of the most successful in the US, with an impact on the state’s economy of $ 854 million and 6,000 jobs.

The National Association of Marine Manufacturers (NMMA) noted in a report that US sales of boats and nautical items totaled $ 36,000 million in 2016 and this figure is expected to reach $ 37,000 million, with an expected increase in sales of 5 to 6 percent in 2018.

The city of Miami promises to be the largest center of fun and nautical luxury in the world

At the top in the USA in the sale of yachts, motors and nautical accessories figure Florida, with $ 2,500 million, an increase of 5 percent since 2015; followed by the state of Texas, with $ 1,400 million.


Source: El Nuevo Herald