Mexico’s Navy and Other Institutions As Well As Volunteers Rescued a Whale Alive

Puerto Cortés BCS- The Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico as the National Maritime Authority, acting as Coast Guard, informs that naval personnel assigned to the Second Naval Region, through the Naval Sector of Puerto Cortés, BCS, provided support to the Delegation State of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA), to assist in the rescue maneuvers of a whale with life stranded in the vicinity of Boca del Soledad Bay, approximately 50 nautical miles (92.6 km) northwest of Puerto Cortés, BCS

This action was carried out after receiving a call from the Port Authority of Puerto San Carlos to report the stranding of a cetacean, for which coordination was carried out with the Harbor Master Adolfo López Mateos, Municipality of Comondú, BCS and Marine Protection personnel of this Naval Command were instructed to integrate a Support Brigade, in order to carry out the rescue actions.

For this reason, the departure of a Defender class vessel assigned to the Naval Search, Rescue and Maritime Vigilance Station (ENSAR) of Puerto Cortés was ordered, to concentrate Puerto Adolfo López Mateos, the Support Brigade composed of personnel from this Naval Command, with the objective of contributing to the state authorities of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), PROFEPA, Port Authority Adolfo López Mateos, Civil Protection and service providers of Puerto San Carlos.

Later, in Puerto Adolfo López Mateos, the aforementioned authorities integrated a joint brigade to go to the stranding area and begin the rescue maneuvers, which they successfully achieved at the end of one hour and forty minutes, to move the whale to deeper waters, where finally after a time of recovery it was observed that he rejoined satisfactorily to his natural habitat.

rescued the whale alive

With these actions, the Navy-Navy Secretariat of Mexico as a National Maritime Authority reaffirms its commitment to the citizenry to monitor and protect the marine environment within the area of ​​its responsibility, acting in collaboration with other national and foreign agencies and institutions.


Source: Colectivo Pericu