Mexico in Trouble: The US Will no Longer Receive its Marine Products Due to the Extinction of the Vaquita Marina

The United States International Court of Commerce sanctions Mexico: they will not receive products from our seas until they save the vaquita marina.

The subject of the vaquita marina is somewhat uncomfortable. With several attempts to rescue and rehabilitate, various organizations protecting animals and ecosystems have made efforts focused on saving the vaquita, but recently it was announced that ” more could not be done”. Well, now come reprisals for Mexico.

The United States International Court of Commerce announced that the purchase of any product derived from the sea resulting from commercial fishing in Mexico will no longer be allowed. This in response to the abandonment of the Government of Mexico on the attempt to save the vaquita marina, the rarest aquatic mammal in the entire planet.

Although several environmental organizations have taken steps to protect this defenceless species, attacks from poachers in the area have complicated rescue efforts. Sea Shepherd, one of these organizations, has even been forced to work together with federal police to contain these attacks after one of the drones that used to monitor the vaquitas was shot down.

However, it is not only the poaching but the commercial fishing permits and licenses that have been granted. These fishermen, in a completely legal way, continue using networks “a galleras “. This kind of tool is a huge risk for marine vaquitas, who are very easily trapped in these nets and dragged out of the sea by fishermen.

Drastic measures for the vaquita la marina

The decision of the Court of the United States was taken when considering the costs of the disappearance of the vaquita. According to Judge Gary Katzman, the extinction of this mammal is a loss that can not be allowed, and this sanction is made to pressure the Mexican government to act on behalf of these animals.

The US Will no Longer Receive its Marine Products Due to the Extinction of the Vaquita Marina

This trade ban will result in a loss of $16 million in seafood that was obtained by US merchants in Mexico. The sanction will only be lifted until the Mexican government raises fishing standards in the country, eliminating the use of these networks and bringing fishermen’s regulations closer to US standards.



Source: Fayer Wayer