Mexican Navy Finds Drugs Floating in the Sea

In less than a week, the Fourth Naval Region has found 166 taped packages with characteristics similar to marijuana, between the vicinity of Isla Lobos and Cabo Haro.

The militia reported that on March 10, it located 67 wrapped packages floating 16.6 kilometers southeast of Cabo Haro, while conducting a surveillance operation. He noted that as a result of this finding, the elements assigned to the Fourth Naval Region, undertook a search operation by sea and air in the surrounding areas, achieving the location and recovery of 31 more packages, in a second action.

By expanding its search range, he said, they found 68 more packages on a beach in Isla Lobos, with the same characteristics.

He mentioned that these operations were carried out with the support of the marine infantry personnel on board an Oceanic Patrol Ship, a Defender-class vessel belonging to the Guaymas Maritime Search, Rescue and Surveillance Station, two naval units and a Panther-type helicopter.

Navales Locate Drugs Floating in the Sea

The search and location of packages in this area, he said, will continue until there is no more floating in the sea or on the beaches.


Source: El Imparcial