Mexican Navy Finds 500 kg of Drugs Hidden in Kids Snacks

Boxes of fried marijuana came from Puebla and had as it’s final destination Florida, United States, detailed the Semar.

The Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico (Semar) reported that naval personnel assigned to the Third Naval Zone, in coordination with the Tax Administration Service (SAT), seized half a ton of marijuana that came inside frying boxes in the port of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz

This action was carried out after carrying out a physical and visual inspection (with binomial canine narcotics detector), where through “X” rays observed anomalies consisting of irregular densities of the merchandise in the images of the container declared with corn chips.

The authorities proceeded to open and check the boxes, locating in the interior two thousand 310 packages packed with cinnamon tape, with an approximate weight of 528 kilograms of marijuana.

The illicit cargo came from Puebla to be shipped aboard the ship “Falmouth”, having as final destination Port Manatee, Florida, United States.

Mexican Navy Finds 500 kg of Drugs Hidden in Kids Snacks

The insured goods were placed at the disposition of the corresponding authorities, for the determination of the ministerial weight, as well as to carry out the corresponding tests and to integrate the investigation folder.


Source: Vanguardia MX