Mexican Navy Cadet Dies in India, The Crew Explains What Happened

CITY OF MEXICO, March 20, 2018. – The Secretariat of the Navy Navy of Mexico (Semar) detailed to the Senate of the Republic, the difficulties that were experienced in the rescue attempt of the cadet Eva Lidia Nava Guzmán, the 21 year old that took the sea off the coasts of India, in the Indian Ocean, antipodes, on June 11, 2017.

The holder of the Semar, Admiral Francisco Soberón Sanz, pointed out that the aforementioned day, at 12:35 hours, in the Arabian Sea at 605 nautical miles to the WSW of Mumbai, India, the young cadet of first quarter of guard, supporting the maneuvers of lowering of sails on the deck of the waist by the starboard side, as part of the actions of the ship’s safety to face a shower, was hit by a wave of great magnitude, which dragged it off the ship.

This is what the report sent to the Chamber of Senators on the results of the Centennial Instruction Cruise of the Constitution, which took place in the period from February 5 to November 21, 2017. The Navy has opened an internal investigation to clarify how the events occurred in which Nava Guzmán fell into the sea when she and her companions collected the sails of the Cuauhtémoc School Ship, during a day of bad weather on the high seas.

According to the military naval institution, the investigation is expected to last at least one year, during which time the unit will consider Nava Guzmán cadet as “disappeared” for the purposes of the investigation during the investigation.

The document published on Tuesday in the Gazette of the Senate, gives details of the support provided by the Indian Navy for the location of the cadet with a fixed-wing aircraft type P-81, which led a search effort of two thousand nautical miles square , a frigate surface unit F-45 in a search area of ​​204 square nautical miles and another destroyer type D-60 looking at 916 nautical square miles.

attempted rescue of Acapulco cadet who fell into the sea

Eva Lidia Nava Guzmán , daughter of a retired teacher originally from Espinalillo, Coyuca de Benítez and her father  Atoyac de Álvarez, is considered “disappeared”. Her family has lived in Acapulco for many years. Sailed from the Naval Base of Icacos on February 6, 2017.

Source: Guerrero Quadratin