Mexican Millionaire Has Not Yet Spoken About the model found dead on his Yacht

Three days after the Australian model Sinead McNamara was found in a coma and with a rope around her neck on a yacht by the Mexican millionaire Alberto Baillères in a Port of Greece, yesterday the circumstances in which the 20-year-old instagramer died, remained unclear.

The third most affluent man in Mexico, number 143 on the list of millionaires of Forbes magazine and possessor of a fortune of 10 thousand 700 million dollars, has not yet pronounced on the tragedy.

Yesterday, Baillères was present at the select group of guests at the National Palace, where President Enrique Peña Nieto presented his sixth government report to a thousand attendees.

At the close of this edition, the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic had not received any request from Greece to question the employer in relation to the McNamara case.

The millionaire’s yacht, the Mayan Queen IV, sailed from the port of Argostoli on the Greek island of Kefalonia on Sunday afternoon. The investigation continues and the results of the autopsy of the model are still awaited, the Greek press reported.

After reviewing the footage of the yacht’s security cameras, interviewing the crew and conducting forensic tests, the investigators gave the green light for the boat, six stories and 93 meters, to leave Greece.

According to the MarineTraffic website, the yacht, valued at $ 200 million, left the coast of Sicily heading west on Monday night, while a spokesman for the Greek maritime authorities reported that there would be no comments on the progress of the case.

Baillères had left the ship

McNamara, who was born in Port Macquarie, in New South Wales, was found around 2 in the morning last Friday by members of the crew in critical condition in the Mayan Queen IV.

After finding the model with a rope and unconscious in one of the decks, without success, the crew, the port authorities and a doctor tried to resuscitate her, the Australian newspaper reported.

McNamara was taken to the nearest hospital in Argostoli, where the doctors decided that she would be transported by helicopter to an Athens hospital, but on the way, the model died.

Sources close to the investigation presume that it was a suicide, reported The Sunday Times; However, some reports indicate that the Greek police are investigating the incident as a murder, British tabloid The Sun reported.

The Greek press reported that Baillères and his family left the yacht three days before the incident occurred and only members of the crew remained on board, of which McNamara was part for four months.

The death was reported in both Australian and European and US media. Many stressed that the owner of the sumptuous yacht is Baillères, who controls his business through Grupo Bal (Grupo Minero Peñoles, the world’s largest producer of refined silver, participation in the financial sector with GNP Seguros, and owner of El Palacio de Hierro).

A cousin of the model told the Daily Telegraph that his family did not know the cause of death, but they believed that it could have been a ship accident.

The death occurred while McNamara’s mother, Kylie, and sister Lauren were travelling to meet her in Greece.

“Happy birthday to the most wonderful older sister I could have asked for, only 5 days to see you !!! Excitement is an insufficient description,” the model wrote on her social networks.

The message contrasts with another post on his Instagram account two weeks before his death: “My head is everywhere today, take me back to the place where my only concern is not to open my skull,” along with emojis from a volcano, a tornado and a needle with blood.

McNamara regularly published photos of his trips on Instagram, where he had about 12,000 followers.

“Living and working on a boat seeing everything the world has to offer … Yes, I think I’m pretty good,” he wrote in a publication last month.

His friends expressed condolences on social networks and described McNamara as “soul of a free spirit” and “adventurous”; Meanwhile, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Commerce provided consular assistance to the girl’s family.

Strenuous work and low pay

McNamara was part of a growing list of young people who, attracted by the glamour of working at sea, juicy tax-free salaries, the chance to get to know the lifestyle of millionaires first hand and travel all over the world, have had endings tragic

In recent years, at least three Britons have lost their lives on luxury boats that include spas, movie theatres and swimming pools, among other facilities. In a sector that employs about 37 thousand people believed that the death toll could be much higher, he said in a report The Sun.

Recruitment agencies promote these jobs as an opportunity to experience great adventures and earn up to 110,000 pounds sterling tax-free per year, depending on the position.

What at first seems a dream job ends up becoming a job of 14 to 25 hours in a row, in rough activities for a salary that does not always correspond to the promised.

While some captains can earn between 40,000 and 110,000 pounds sterling per year and tax-free, a deckhand receives between 13,000 and 18,000 pounds sterling.

Mexican Millionaire Has Not Yet Spoken About the model found dead on his Yacht

Sarah Begbie, a young woman who worked as a waitress on a luxury yacht described: “My daily tasks included serving all food and beverage services; cleaning of living rooms, including guest rooms; the laundry of the crew and the guests; keep accounts and control the provisions of a 164-foot yacht, with 13 rooms for the crew and guests; eight bathrooms; a main room; a dining room and a hall.

“Two cleaning people and I were responsible for keeping everything neat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as providing food and drink service for 11 crew members and 16 guests.

Sarah worked from 16 to 18 hours a day and rested in a room “smaller than a cell” for 2 thousand 500 pounds per month.

Bethany Silicox, another waitress who worked three years on boats of millionaires from the Middle East and Russia, claims to have worked once 25 hours in a row and to have made the longest trip, for 40 days, without touching land.



Source: La Jornada Maya