Mechanical Issue Forces 2000-Passenger Cruise Ship to Make Stop in Port Canaveral

A 2000-passenger cruise ship has suffered a mechanical breakdown that forced it to stop for repairs at Port Canaveral.

Passengers on the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas are stuck, motionless, in Port Canaveral.

“They didn’t tell us what the problems were. They just said they had a leaking hydraulic hose,” Mario Miralles, a passenger on the ship, said.

The ship was on its way back from the Bahamas to its home port in Baltimore when a breakdown caused the unscheduled stop. Royal Caribbean did not say what was wrong but said in a statement that, while the ship is safe to operate, in an abundance of safety, it will now make a stop at Port Canaveral.Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Sea

In 2013, a major fire occurred on the same ship. The fire charred the entire rear area of the ship. The ship was built in 1996 and renovated in 2012, the year before the fire.

Passengers will now arrive home two days late. The cruise line hopes to have the ship back underway tonight.


Source: Wesh News on Demand